Wendy’s Is Not Serving Salads, They’re Serving A ‘Salad Experience’

Image courtesy of The Wendy’s Company

We’ve been talking about brand experiences here lately, with Cadillac opening a cafe and art gallery to explain what their brand feels like, and American Girl is building a new store that they hope will immerse fans in the brand. Well, fast food can do that, too: that’s why Wendy’s isn’t just serving salads in their restaurants. Their new chicken-quinoa offering is a salad experience.

We get a lot of press releases that leave us scratching our heads, but this one made us wonder what a salad experience is, compared to just a salad. Is a salad experience just a really big salad? Can you also have a chili experience, or a burger experience? Can’t I just eat a bowl of vegetables and meat and beans without it having to be an experience?

In a statement provided in the press release, Wendy’s quotes Kurt Kane, their Chief Concept and Marketing Officer, saying, “Our new Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad features a delicious blend of ingredients like feta, quinoa, fire-roasted vegetables and sundried tomatoes—this is a salad experience people are going to love.”

If you’re wondering, the salad experience also includes lettuce, onions, grape tomatoes, onions, chickens, feta cheese, chickpeas, white beans, and dressing of hummus and balsamic vinaigrette.

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