Continental Realizes Exit Row Seats Have More Legroom, Charges More For Them

In an announcement this morning, Continental Airlines said that, starting March 17, they will be offering passengers “a new option allowing you to purchase seat assignments for unreserved, Economy Class seats that feature extra legroom.” But instead of readjusting the seats on their planes to allow for more space, they’re really just charging for sitting in an exit row.

If you are willing to pay the premium for the extra 7-8 inches of legroom, you can do so when you check in, as early as 24 hours before scheduled take-off. You can not reserve these seats when you’re purchasing tickets (unless of course you’re buying tickets within 24 hours of take-off).

Continental is not naming a specific price for the legroom seats, saying that the rate will vary depending on “the length of your flight, the date, and route.” So basically, whatever they want to charge.

How much would you be willing to pay for these seats?

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