KFC Offers $500 Worth Of Free Chicken For Safe Return Of Col. Sanders

Colonel Sanders has gone missing. Okay, not the actual man — he died in 1980 — but a bronze bust of the goateed Kentucky Fried Chicken founder has disappeared from its hallowed position outside a KFC in Berea, KY. The statue, valued at $1,200, is now the target of a police manhunt and the subject of a reward: $500 of free chicken.

“It’s like, this big, his whole head. It’s really detailed, all the features and everything,” the manager of the victimized KFC said following the theft. “Some employees were in the dining room when four young guys came in… When she came back to the dining area, it was gone.”

Hall said police confirmed that four male youths were spied fleeing on foot from the fast food restaurant.

Perhaps the police should check out Craiglist?

It is not yet known whether the $500 reward extends to both original recipe and extra crispy, or whether or not they will charge extra for all white meat.

Stay tuned to Consumerist as this breaking story continues to develop.

Col. Sanders statue stolen from KFC [UPI]

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