Been Burgled? Check Craigslist

Here’s a little tip if you’ve ever had your house or car broken into — Check out Craigslist to see if the thieves are stupid enough to attempt to sell it back to you. It sounds like something out of a sitcom, but it worked for a driver from Brooklyn who recently recovered his stolen wheels and put the bad guy behind bars.

While his car was parked on Manhattan’s Upper East Side recently, an unnamed victim had his 2008 Infiniti stripped of its tires and rims. Looking to replace the stolen parts, the driver turned to Craigslist in the hope of finding a discount on something similar, only to come across a seller allegedly attempting to sell the hot wheels.

The vic made two calls: One to set up a meeting with the seller, and another to the police. And when he headed out to East New York, Brooklyn, to seal the deal, the NYPD took the 21-year-old suspect into custody.

So the next time you’re the victim of someone else’s sticky fingers, give Inspector Craig a try. At the very least, you might find a cheap replacement for your missing goods.

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