Impossible To Fix Address Problem Prevents You From Giving Money To Verizon FiOS

Reader Lindsay wants to give money to Verizon FiOS because she likes the product so very much. Sadly, there’s some sort of glitch with her address and Verizon won’t fix it, or call her back, no matter how many times she calls.

Lindsay writes (in her EECB to Verizon):

My name is Lindsay [redacted] and I been a Verizon customer for a long time—first with Verizon Wireless, and now with FIOS for a little over a year. Until this past Monday (February 22), I have never had a complaint with our FIOS service or with the customer service at Verizon.

On Monday, I called to have another standard TV box sent and to setup an appointment for a technician to come out and install it for a new roommate who just moved in. I made my first phone call on Monday around 6pm and was told the wait time was approximately 15 minutes and was given the option to provide my phone number and receive a call back within that time frame. I waited 45 minutes and decided to call back.

This time the wait time was approximately 20 minutes, during which time I remained on the phone. When someone finally answered the phone to help me, we went through the full process of setting up an appointment, only to find there was something wrong with my “profile/address.” I was told by the woman on the other end of the line that she had to send an email request in to another department, which would need to correct the issue with my “profile” and then she would get back to me within 24 hours after this issue had been corrected.

By Thursday, I had not heard anything. I chose to call again during my work day. I again waited on hold for approximately 15 minutes. Again, we went through all of the steps necessary in setting up an appointment, only to find there was still something wrong with my “profile/address” even though I have had boxes sent to this address in the past, and receive my Verizon bill at this address.

The Customer Service Representative took down my phone number and said she would call me back later that afternoon. Again, I waited. By 7pm, I had not heard anything and decided to call back. Again I waited approximately 15 minutes only to go through all of the same steps again to find that the issue with my “profile/address” had still not been corrected, 3 days after my initial call.

At this point, I was very frustrated and asked if there was someone I could speak to directly regarding the account issue/profile/address and was told there is no one I could speak with. I asked if there was anything I could do in the meantime and was told there was nothing that could be done until it is taken care of.

Additionally, while on the phone with a representative, I was told that my contract was expiring and would need to reselect a bundle or remaining on a month-to-month contract would result in an increase in charges amounting to approximately $40. To avoid the extra charges, I agreed to renew my contract and reselect a bundle, however they were not able to complete this because of the “profile/address” issue. Despite the friendly and professional representatives’ efforts, they have not been able to help me through this issue. After making four phone calls within the past week and spending 3 hours on the phone with customer support, I am at my wit’s end.

All I want is to receive a new box and ensure that is properly installed. I have been incredibly patient thus far, but I really cannot go on like this much longer.

I love FIOS, I really do. Its absolutely the best Internet and TV package I have ever used. The internet speed is great and the picture quality is far better than what we had previously. Until now, I have always been a huge proponent of FIOS, encouraging my friends and their families to make the switch from Comcast (which I hated because of their poor customer service) to Verizon. After this experience, however, I feel really let down by what was previously a great service. So I plead with you, please help! Any assistance that any of you are able to provide will make a huge difference, if only in encouraging me to stick with Verizon now that my contract has expired. Please call me at [redacted] or email me at any time, day or night, if you are able to provide assistance.

Ah yes, the impossible to fix address glitch. Comcast has that sometimes, too.

Maybe its an epidemic, like the H1N1.

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