If You Get Mad, Don't Smash 29 Walmart TVs With A Bat

Spring Training isn’t quite here yet, but a man at a Georgia Walmart decided to get into the swing of things by taking a baseball bat and smashing 29 TVs before he was arrested for second degree criminal damage, the AP reports. (Update: now with video.)

Witnesses tell police he grabbed a metal baseball bat from the sporting goods section Wednesday, walked to the electronics department and destroyed the TVs on display.

He was arrested not long after that.

Remember, when you need to bash things at Walmart for no reason, aim for the stuffed animals or the sweatpants sections.

Cops: Man smashes 29 TVs with bat at Wal-Mart [AP via San Francisco Chronicle] (Thanks,Tom!)
Raw Video: Man Smashes TVs at Wal-Mart [YouTube/AP] (via Gizmodo)

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