Walmart Will Add A State Fair-Themed Restaurant To Texas Store

Image courtesy of Robert Hensley

Do you like state fair food? You know, the deep-fried creations made from food that should never have been fried, like deep-fried butter, spaghetti ice cream, or a deep-fried burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns? Soon you’ll only have your conscience to keep you from eating that stuff year-round, as Walmart tests a possible nationwide concept with the State Fair Cafe at its store in Plano, TX.

Yes, you might even be able to get deep-fried Twinkies in the off-season somewhere other than the freezer aisle at Walmart. The restaurant concept comes from Isaac Rousso, an award-winning food experimenter at the state fair in Texas. He and his family run multiple food stands at the fair, and this year he won a prize for his booth’s cookie fries, which are apparently a thing.

The restaurant where it will be the state fair year-round will open in a Walmart store in Plano, TX next week. Walmart has ambitions to take the idea regional and maybe even national: is there anywhere in the country where people don’t like fair food?

Part of the appeal of eating ridiculous food at a fair is the fair itself: you know that you can’t eat the ridiculous food items every day because you don’t have access to them. What happens if the chain’s plans to take this idea nationwide really happen, and you do have access to them daily?

State Fair of Texas fixture Isaac Rousso to open restaurant in Plano Wal-Mart next week

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