Do Not Punch Out A Drive Thru Window Because There Are No McNuggets

Here is a suggestion from the experts here at Consumerist. Do not punch out the drive thru window of your local McDonald’s because they are unable to provide you with McNuggets.

According to a Toledo Police Department report, this advice may not have reached one of their citizens in time:

“Victims 2 and 3 and the witnesses all informed us that a white Mercury stopped in the drive through and ordered Chicken McNuggests and other dinner items. [The employee] informed [the driver] that McDOnald’s stopped serving dinner items at 2:30and was only serving breakfast. The driver came to the window and argued with her. The driver leaned out of her car, into the window, and punched [the employee] on her mouth.”

At this point, @#$% gets crazy:

“[The night manager] grabbed [the driver’s] hair and attempted to pull her through the drive through window. At the prompting of other employees, [the night manager] released [the driver]. [The driver] then punched the drive through window, breaking it…”

Hmm. Stop the violence. Support all day breakfast/dinner.

Update: Now there’s video!

McNuggets Rage [Smoking Gun]

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