Simple Ways To Slash Your Budget

Bargain Babe shares 10 easy ways you can cut your budget. Forward the link to anyone who still clings to their land line, which the blogger insists — correctly, in my eyes — nobody with a cell phone needs.

Some more tips from the post:

2. Shop around for home and auto insurance policies. Spend an hour once a year checking if you can get a better price on your home and auto insurance. Do them together so you qualify for a bulk discount. Before you go for the absolute lowest price, check the insurer’s complaint ratio, which will indicate how happy their current customers are.

3. Pay cash (only if you really can’t control your credit spending because you are giving up a lot of perks and cash-back rebates).

4. Adjust your withholdings. The LAT says 70 percent of tax payers get a refund – which means we are letting Uncle Sam keep our money for a year, interest free! Instead, you could be earning interest or paying down debt.

What are your favorite no-brainer ways to save money?

10 simple ways to save [Bargain Babe]

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