Sprint Crawls To Let Guy Cancel Account

Chase had a problem with Sprint — the company wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that he canceled his account.

We posted his story, which sped things along and got Sprint to live up to its name. Sprint contacted us and we forwarded the info on to Chase, who writes:

I was contacted by someone from Executive Customer Service (the woman who was taking over for Sean, my case worker, who was out today.) They were able to resolve my issue, and traced it back to a dormant second line on the account that was not canceled at the time of the initial, main number port/cancellation. They did not address why there was no log in the system of my calling to cancel, and also did not speak to the overall poor attitude of the CSR I spoke with, but the issue is resolved and my cancellation is moving through as it should with no outstanding billing, so I am satisfied. I am a little disappointed that I had to resort to Executive Customer Service to get an issue resolved, but I thank you for having that resource in place, and yourself personally for your attention to my issue.

It’s a happy ending, but Chase is understandably holding a grudge. If you have a problem with Sprint, contact eronia.singleton_AT_sprint.com. She worked wonders for Chase.

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