Coke Threw Away My Rewards Points While I Was On Vacation

UPDATE: Coke gave Brian his points back.

Brian says he went on vacation and returned to find he was virtually robbed. His My Coke Rewards account, which had cost him hundreds of dollars of soda-chugging and data entry to build up.

He writes:

Coca-Cola’s U.S. “rewards” program has seen fit to delete all of the points I’ve spent years collecting by buying their products and entering the codes on the site. I got one single automated email on Dec 27th asking me to log in so that I could retain all my points. This is not the part I have a problem with, as I’ve had similar dealings with them before. The problem I have is that it told me I had to log in by January 2nd to keep the points credited to my account. Well, I was on vacation until January 11th, and as soon as I’d read the email upon my return, logged in only to find out I had “0” points.

For the record, each bottle cap is worth 3 points. Codes from 12-pack and larger multi unit packaging are worth more. I spent over two years collecting said points, which was the equivalent of 437 bottles of soda (and countless hours to type in the actual codes).

I have written them a complaint as well as a followup (both seen below) but have yet to receive a response. Every time I’ve ever dealt with them in the past, they just send me a form letter via email two or three days later. I am hoping for a little better answer this time, due to the severity of what they did.

Has anyone else had their Coke points stripped away?

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