AMC Theater Chain Bans All Outside Snacks

After reporting a loss in the 2nd quarter of this year, AMC is doing what it can to increase revenue. Since the business model of movie theaters is to give all the ticket sales to the studios and scrape out a living on concessions, that means forcing more patrons to buy snacks–so it’s officially banning any outside food and drink.

(SmartSpending notes that Regal Entertainment already has a similar ban in place.)

Aside from the most common reason for bringing in food, which is that movie concessions are too expensive, there’s also the problem of limited and unhealthy options. To address this, AMC told SmartSpending that “it’s going to offer greater variety. Some of its theaters have French toast and Thai coconut chicken tenders on the menu.”

“AMC theaters ban outside snacks” [SmartSpending] (Thanks to HogwartsAlum!)

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