Mother Thinks Hannah Montana Doll Is Swearing

We’re going to go ahead and suggest that if you are the type to hear swear words when confronted with awful audio recordings, you not buy dolls that sing. One Florida mom is such a person, and is convinced that her daughter’s Hannah Montana doll has taught her kid to say the “F” word.

From NBC Miami:

Westberry claims the doll, which sings the Christmas classic, has a potty mouth and it’s rubbed off on her daughter.

“I think it’s supposed to actually be some “rockin’ fun,” said Westberry. “But it don’t come out saying “rockin’ fun.”

Actually, the lyrics are supposed to be: “…later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some caroling.” At issue is the word “pumpkin,” which Westberry, who’s played the doll over and over, said sounds like “f—ing.”

“There’s no question, none at all, it’s plainly clear,” Westberry said. “How could they put this on the shelf?”

We listened to the doll on NBC’s website and offer the opinion that nothing about the recording can be accurately described as “plainly clear.”

What do you think?

“Dirty-Mouthed” Miley Doll Teaches Toddler Foul Word [NBC Miami]

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