Diablo 2 Scammer Inadvertently Shines Spotlight On Self

Robert usually writes about energy and the environment on his blog. However, he recently ran into a scammer online, and surprised the scammer by fighting back:

After I didn’t roll over for him, he resorted to sending me numerous threats and harassing e-mails, going so far as to threaten harm to my elementary school aged son. I wasn’t about to let him get away with this.

Robert has a detailed account of what happened on his blog, but the short version is this: he tried to buy a 2nd Diablo 2 key/license so that he could play the game with his son. He found a service called Diablo-Keys.com (also known as d2keys.com) that promised Diablo 2 keys for $5.

The key didn’t work, however. That’s when Robert started digging and realized that this guy has been around for a while, taking in $5 payments for non-working keys, and that Robert clearly wasn’t the only person who had been scammed.

From there, Robert and the scammer started going back and forth via email. The initial exchanges were polite, but at some point the scammer invented a fake law firm and sent legal threats to Robert. Robert called his bluff on the threats, they went back and forth some more, and then Robert told him that he was going to share their correspondence with the public.

The scammer wrote back,


Go ahead and post on your shitty blog that nobody reads. We aren’t afraid of you and your bullshit threat. Feel free to take my dick, put it in your mouth, and such [sic] it hard ^_^

So Robert posted the full story not just on his blog, but on Reddit. Surprise, you’re Internet Famous now, scammer!

“I’m a person who got scammed by the diablo 2 keys guy. AMA.” [Reddit] (Thanks to David!)
“Exposing a Two-Bit Scammer” [R-Squared Energy Blog]

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