Make Your Own Zhu Zhu The Fad Robot Hamster Toy

If you have kids, you’re probably biting your nails down to the quick worrying how you’re going to find–much less pay for–this year’s super hot fad toy, Zhu Zhu the Robot Hamster. But don’t be so stupid! The thing about fad toys like Zhu Zhu is that they’re about 30% fun, 30% marketing, and 40% media hype. You can bypass all that nonsense and make your own in less than 20 minutes, and for a fraction of the cost.

What You Will Need

  • a cheap remote control car
  • some craft fur
  • googly eyes
  • hot glue
  • probably a beer

Here’s a handy video tutorial:

I named this one Shut Up. He is just as good as what the store could offer your kids, and only costs $10. Well, to be fair he doesn’t beep or come with a cartoon avatar, but those Zhu Zhus don’t have blinking red and blue lights, so I’m calling it a draw.

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