McDonald's Manager To Transgender Woman: We Don't Hire [Gay Slur]

A Florida McDonald’s has been sued for refusing to hire a transgender woman. The applicant, 17-year-old Zikerria Bellamy, says that after she didn’t check a gender box on the application, then reluctantly selected male, she was refused an interview by two managers, one of whom then left her an bigoted voicemail.

According to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, Florida agencies in the past have ruled that gender identity is a protected class under Florida’s human rights law, and the McDonald’s manager didn’t help things by leaving a voicemail insulting the applicant and telling her that “we don’t hire [gay slur that is also an archaic unit of measurement for bundles of sticks].”

Here’s the audio of the voicemail from the McDonald’s manager (contains f-bomb)

McDonald’s, which received a “corporate equality index” score of 85 out of 100 from the Human Rights Campaign, has since fired the manager who left the voicemail. It’s unclear whether another manager who also refused to hire the woman faced any discipline.

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