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Target: Customers Can Use Fitting Rooms, Bathrooms That Reflect Their Gender Identity

While some states and cities consider rules regarding who can or can’t use which public restrooms, Target has confirmed that its policy is that customers can use whichever fitting room or restroom best reflects their gender identity. [More]


Transgender Americans Face Complicated Medical Problems, Issues Accessing Care

When it comes to clinics for women’s health, who counts as a woman? For breast cancer screenings funded by the CDC, there’s a requirement that advocates for transgender Americans find discriminatory and problematic: patients must be “born as women,” excluding women who were identified as male at birth but who now need services like mammograms. Routine health care can become very complicated, and accessing public health services is too. [More]

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Arizona Bill: The Sex Listed On Birth Certificate Designates Which Public Bathroom You Use

New legislation in Arizona is stirring up controversy over the rights of transgender people in that state, with debate over a bill that would require people to use the public restroom affiliated with their birth gender. The proposed law would also make it a misdemeanor for a person to use a public shower, bath, dressing room or locker room associated with a gender other than what’s on his or her birth certificate. [More]

McDonald's Manager To Transgender Woman: We Don't Hire [Gay Slur]

McDonald's Manager To Transgender Woman: We Don't Hire [Gay Slur]

A Florida McDonald’s has been sued for refusing to hire a transgender woman. The applicant, 17-year-old Zikerria Bellamy, says that after she didn’t check a gender box on the application, then reluctantly selected male, she was refused an interview by two managers, one of whom then left her an bigoted voicemail. [More]