41% Of Sudden Acceleration Complaints Are Toyotas. That's A Lot.

Here’s a beauty contest you don’t want to win: 41% of the 2008 model safety complaints about “sudden acceleration” problems were for Toyota and Lexus models. That would be the same complaint lodged by that California family this summer when they crashed into a highway barrier at 120 mph when their loaner car wouldn’t stop speeding up, if they were still alive to make it.

Consumer Reports analyzed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety complaints database and found some disturbing trends.

Automaker | 2008 model-year complaints* | Share of complaints | 2007/2008 average market share

Toyota | 52 | 41% | 16%
Ford | 36 | 28% | 16%
Chrysler | 11 | 9% | 12%
General Motors | 7 | 5% | 23%
Honda | 5 | 4% | 5%
Nissan | 3 | 2% | 6%

*Reflects complaints submitted prior to August 28th, 20

Check the Consumer Reports Car blog for a more in-depth look. As the NYT reported, Toyota knew about these acceleration problems in 2006.

Analysis shows over 40-percent of sudden acceleration complaints involve Toyotas [Consumer Reports Cars Blog]
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