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Exploding Sunroofs: Danger Overhead

When it happened, Heather Savage had two of her five children with her in their 2016 Nissan Pathfinder. Four-year-old Eli was strapped into a car seat in the second row, and Raquel, 15, whom they’d just picked up from ballet class, was in the front passenger seat. [More]

Stupid Shipping Gang Underpackages Glass Jar, Mauling Customer

Stupid Shipping Gang Underpackages Glass Jar, Mauling Customer

We like to post pictures of items comically overpackaged by the Stupid Shipping Gang, in order to point, laugh, and call attention to the wastefulness. Nicole’s experience shows what can happen to consumers when an item is stupidly packaged: Amazon sent her a woefully underpackaged glass bottle of vitamins, which broke in transit and cut Nicole’s finger when she went to open it. Now Amazon won’t give her a refund until she sends the box of broken glass, vitamins, plastic wrap, and a tiny bit of blood back. [More]

Mirror Shatters To Floor, Installer Shrugs

Mirror Shatters To Floor, Installer Shrugs

Alan and his wife awoke to a giant crash from their bathroom. Their 3.5’x5′ plate glass mirror they had professionals install 12 years ago had fallen, shattering all over the tile. [More]