Great, Now Demi Moore's Torso Is Missing

In all of the chatter surrounding the Demi Moore W cover controversy, many people have insisted that her vanished hip is part of a perfectly natural pose. They were correct. The photo shows the natural standing pose… of a runway model in her mid-twenties. It appears that Moore’s head, legs, and arms were superimposed on the hips and torso of model Anja Rubik.

Fashion Thunderdome: two models enter, one magazine cover leaves.

Notice that while the Frankenphoto uses the contours of Rubik’s torso, but her hip and collar bones have been airbrushed out.

What have we learned from this debacle? Let’s review.

  • The ideal woman is both fatless and boneless, like a chicken breast. Plastic wrap and styrofoam tray are optional.
  • 47-year-old women, even slender and physically fit ones, are too old and horrible to appear on the cover of a magazine.
  • The images in fashion magazines are altered so heavily that they can make any woman, even a model, feel bad about herself. Wait, we already knew that.
  • Apparently, Thunderdome fashion is in this season. (side note? Tina Turner is 46 in that picture.)

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