making a mess

Marissa Gimeno

This Woman’s Job: Smearing Makeup Globs Just Right For Photos

When you see a photo in an ad or on a website of a cosmetics product that’s been artfully smashed, smeared, or scattered on a surface, that’s a special kind of advertising art that requires special tools. What’s it like to smear lipstick around for a living, smash eyeshadows, and build towers of perfume bottles with a hot glue gun? [More]


Golf Course’s $9.11 Promo For 9/11 Provides Yet Another Example Of A Marketing No-No

Good intentions aside, it’s simply not a good idea to tie tragedies in with a company marketing pitch, no matter if it’s gone smoothly in the past. Case in point: A Wisconsin golf course that found itself at the center of angry social media buzz after a photo of a newspaper ad for its $9.11 for nine holes of golf on Sept. 11 went viral. [More]