Fashion Photographer Offers $5,000 Reward For Demi Moore's Hip

Demi Moore and W cover photographer Anthony Citrano disagree about whether the infamous picture of Moore was modified to Photoshop out a chunk of her hip. They took their argument to the court of public opinion: Twitter.

Moore tweeted what she claims is the original, unretouched image, but looks suspiciously like the final cover shot. Citrano countered

I started this, so I’ll (try to) finish it: $5k to charity if that’s really the original.

Citrano also e-mailed Consumerist, with an extreme close-up of the relevant section of the image. He wrote:

To help support your point of view, and rebut these crazies who say it’s just “the way she’s standing” – I wanted to send you a zoom I did of the image. Her hip is clearly – and magically – “fused” to the sash. This doesn’t happen organically; it happens digitally.

So now the challenge has been issued to… W’s art department? We’ll let you know if, and when, the errant hip is located.

Somewhere, Out There, A Piece Of Demi Moore’s Hip Is Looking For Its Home

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