Police: Pennsylvania Woman Faked Cancer For Two Years To Scam Thousands In Donations

Any scam that takes money from unsuspecting folks is bad, of course, but those that prey on people trying to help those in need seem to leave an extra nasty taste in the mouth: police in Pennsylvania say one woman took advantage of the kindness of others by pretending she had cancer for two years, allegedly raking in thousands of dollars in donations.

State Police have charged the 23-year-old woman with theft by deception and receiving stolen property, reports WJAC.

Authorities say she lied about being diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in March 2013, and since then would take money from events organized to raise funds on her behalf. At her most recent event held in April, police said she raised $14,000.

The state police investigator says her “elaborate scheme” involved her having relatives driver her to the hospital and then tell them to wait in the lobby while she went to another part of the hospital. She’d later return and make it appear she got treatment. She even shaved her head as part of the alleged scam, police say.

Not only is she facing felony charges, but she’ll have to give up her title as a former Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International pageant winner. Pageant directors released a statement about her arrest, saying the organization was “saddened” to hear the news of her alleged scam.

“We were also led to believe that she was dealing with this horrible disease and stood by her as she struggled being a beauty queen and a cancer patient,” the group said. “We at Butler’s Beauties believe that with a crown and sash you can accomplish many great things as a role model, spokesmodel and community leader as a beauty pageant queen. When you deceive the public and take people’s money that is under the pretense of fraud, we will not tolerate those actions.”

The statement added that she is no longer a representative of the Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International organization “and will be required to return her crown and sash upon her release from being detained.”

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