Cocoa Krispies No Longer Prevent Swine Flu

Kellogg decided that it isn’t such a good idea to pretend Cocoa Krispies build your immunity.

Here’s Kellogg’s tail-between-the-legs press release:

Kellogg Company today announced its decision to discontinue the immunity statements on Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereals.

Last year, Kellogg Company started the development of adding antioxidants to Rice Krispies cereals. This is one way the Company responded to parents indicating their desire for more positive nutrition in kids’ cereal.

While science shows that these antioxidants help support the immune system, given the public attention on H1N1, the Company decided to make this change. The communication will be on pack for the next few months as packaging flows through store shelves. We will, however, continue to provide the increased amounts of vitamins A, B, C and E (25% Daily Value) that the cereal offers.

We will continue to respond to the desire for improved nutrition, and we are committed to communicating the importance of nutrition to our consumers.

Cocoa Krispies still give you x-ray vision and web-shooting ability though.

Kellogg Company Discontinues Immunity Statements On Rice Krispies Cereals [Kellogg]
(Thanks, NORMLgirl!)

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