Couple Signs Up for $77.99 Verizon Bundle, Charged More Than Double

An Oregon couple signed up for $77.99 Verizon-Qwest bundle that included phone, internet and TV service, and were surprised to see the actual bill come to $158.49.

On her Oregonian blog, Laura Gunderson writes about the cool part — the couple insisted on paying only the $77.99, and even drew up a contract that said that’s all they’d have to pay, having a Verizon rep signed it. Verizon didn’t honor the contract and cut the couple off in August, after a couple months of service.

Gunderson writes:

“We did everything but pound on the table in order to stress that we would sign up providing there would be no extra fees or charges,” said Streed, who also has an online order confirmation stating his monthly bills would be $77.99.

And yet his first bill was more than twice the agreed-upon amount, Streed noted. “Can a person trust Verizon?”

Oregon’s Public Utility Commission has received a bunch of complaints about Verizon-Qwest bundles and has asked the state attorney general to investigate.

What are your bundle blowout tales?

Verizon’s service bundle brings no joy [Oregonian]
(Photo: Eric Hauser)
(Thanks, Steve CVX9T!)

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