Prove You're Financially Literate And Win At Online Soccer!

We’re not sure what “soccer” is—it looks like it might be some sort of real-world Quidditch without the brooms—but Visa and a bunch of soccer players have released a fancy-schmancy (for a website, at least) online version that tests your financial literacy. You can try it out at instead of working this morning.

We started the game dreading the inevitable edu-boringness that these sorts of things always deliver, but actually it’s not that bad. At crucial points in the match, you have to answer a question to determine what happens next. Answer correctly, and your team will successfully make the kick/tackle/snitch-grab (I really don’t know soccer). Prove you’re a financial idiot and your team will lose. To make it more interesting, the really valuable shots can only be completed if you answer harder questions.

Financial Soccer via Kansas City Star

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