World's Worst Logos

As part of our stand against Christmas Creep, we want to celebrate the actual upcoming holiday by lobbing some pretty frightening images at you from the website Your Logo Makes Me Barf. Take this alarm sign, for instance. The obvious chills come from recognizing what they’re walking into, but then you notice the kid figure and the term “young alarm” and, wait, wtf?

That one seems so blatantly horrible that we’re sure it must’ve made it onto FAILblog or some similar site in the past, but there are plenty of undiscovered gems at Your Logo Makes Me Barf, like this disturbingly explicit “Women of H.O.P.E.” design:

Or this restaurant sign, which we imagine is located near an intersection with a mysteriously high number of car accidents:

Abuse your eyes at Your Logo Makes Me Barf.

(Thanks to hobronto!)

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