Hidden Cameras Catch LA Valets Breaking All Kinds Of Laws

An excellent piece of investigative journalism by NBC Los Angeles catches valets all over the city putting up fake no parking signs, jamming meters, and using customers’ cars to shuttle valets around.

NBC’s findings will be troubling to people who use valet parking, as valets are seen hitting other cars, getting parking tickets and not telling the customers, and using cars to ferry other valets back and forth. But even though we don’t use valet parking, we’re really upset to see valets breaking parking laws by blocking off public spaces, putting up fake no parking signs, and swapping cars out of the same metered spaces all day. We assume other cities have this problem, we hope there will be more exposés in other cities, and that these videos will lead to some city action.

Rogue Valets Exposed [NBC Los Angeles] (via Curbed LA)
(Photo: Lindacat)Thanks, John!

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