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Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are ten of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]

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Brooklyn Garage Offering Parking Spot For Bargain Price Of $300K

In a city where people live in teeny tiny apartments that cost thousands of dollars a month, it’s no surprise that parking in New York City can get also get expensive. But one Brooklyn garage is upping the ante on pricey perks, offering a prime parking spot for just $300,000. [More]

Google Maps Parking Assistant Is Live In 25 Cities

Google Maps Parking Assistant Is Live In 25 Cities

That didn’t take long. Just a week after a beta test of Google Maps’ latest app version showed the company was testing a new feature intended to alert users to potential parking problems, the service is now live.  [More]


Google Maps Could Soon Include Parking Information

When heading to a destination in a popular or busy area, you’re taking a chance on parking — will there be a spot for you? Google Maps is currently testing a new feature intended to alert users to potential parking problems. [More]

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No More Free Parking At 8 Las Vegas Casinos

Like the drinks you get while gambling, casino parking in Las Vegas is often a “freebie.” But if you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, be prepared to possibly pay for parking or driving around to find a free garage to dock your ride. [More]

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Windshield Locks Could Be Parking Enforcement’s New Tool of Choice

Putting a boot on a car to crack down on illegally parked vehicles could be a thing of the past in at least one city, where parking enforcement officials are considering an alternative mechanism: a windshield lock that makes it impossible for parking violators to see anything, preventing them from driving away [More]

Waze Will Now Point You To The Best Parking Spots

Waze Will Now Point You To The Best Parking Spots

Google’s traffic app Waze has long been used by commuters looking for the best possible route from point A to point B. Now, some of those drivers can use the app to find the best parking spot at the end of their trip. [More]

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IKEA Shoppers Trapped For Hours While Competing For Single Parking Garage Exit

What happens when you pack a bunch of people into a space and then only leave them with one way to exit? You get a big ol’ logjam, the kind that trapped many shoppers at a new IKEA location in the UK for hours while they waited to use the parking garage’s one and only exit. [More]

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Construction Workers Caught Forklifting Cars Onto Sidewalks

In New York City, construction companies can get temporary “No Parking” orders to make it easier to move their equipment and materials in and around a job site. And while drivers who ignore these signs can have their vehicles ticketed and towed, the construction workers do not have the authority to relocate those cars with a forklift. [More]

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Workers Who Secure Parking For NYC Movie Shoots Claim Studios Are Skimping On Pay

Tourists and residents of New York City alike have no doubt seen those ubiquitous neon signs plastered all over lamp posts from time to time, which serve to alert car owners that they won’t be able to park there on a certain day or days because of a movie or TV crew that will be shooting there. It’s one part of an unglamorous job in the entertainment business, but someone’s got to do it — and those people are now suing the studios over claims they’re not paid enough for often long, thankless hours they put in, often in less than ideal conditions. [More]

Tesla Updates Self-Parking Software After Consumer Reports Raises Concerns

Tesla Updates Self-Parking Software After Consumer Reports Raises Concerns

When Tesla announced last month that it would push out a software upgrade to allow Model S owners to park their electric car in a garage or perpendicular spaces without anyone behind the wheel, it was seen as yet another step toward a fully autonomous vehicle. That was until researchers found the new “Summon” mode contained a small safety issue.  [More]

California Taco Bell Offers Valet Parking For Customers

California Taco Bell Offers Valet Parking For Customers

Taco Bell has made its name selling high-cal, low-price junk food (note: that’s not an insult), but one California Bell is classing things up — at least temporarily — by offering a valet parking service to customers. [More]


Strangers Pitch In To Keep Woman’s Car From Being Towed While She’s In The ER With Infant Son

You know the feeling — you’ve only got a little time left on the parking meter but you’re stuck somewhere, forcing you to face either a parking ticket, or even worse, having your car towed. One woman who was unable to feed the meter after spending hours in the ER with her infant son reached out to her fellow mothers, and was rewarded with an outpouring of generosity from total strangers. [More]

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3 Tips For Snagging A Parking Spot During The Holiday Shopping Rush

For those shoppers scrambling to finish up their holiday shopping for the next week, there may be times when — gasp! — they must leave their homes and visit brick-and-mortar stores or malls. Those people are most definitely dreading the idea of finding parking, but you can make it a bit easier on yourself by keeping a few tips in mind. [More]

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NYC Building Selling 10 Parking Spots For $1 Million Each Because Obviously

There you are, sitting in the midst of all those piles of cash, having bought all the things you’ve ever dreamed of buying (an end to student loan debt, a cheese cave for every home and a yacht named The Aaron Rodgers) and the garbage bin is entirely full. But how will you throw your money away now? Perhaps you’d be interested in owning one of 10 million-dollar parking spots in New York City. [More]

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Philadelphia, Where They’ll Ticket You Before You Even Leave The Car

This is Reason #516 why I don’t have a car… While we understand why Parking Authority agents have to be coldhearted when someone comes rushing up to an expired meter, crying, “Please don’t ticket me! I was just coming out to put in more money…” we also think there has to be a few seconds of grace period between pulling up to a parking meter and being ticketed. But apparently not here in Philadelphia. [More]


Company Vows To Fight San Francisco Over App That Auctions Off Public Parking Spots

Last week, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sent a cease-and-desist letter to mobile app company MonkeyParking, telling to quit allowing users to auction off their public park spots. But now the company’s CEO is all, “Bring it, because we’re not quitting without a fight,” if I might paraphrase his response. [More]


A BMW With Its Windows Punched Out Is Exactly Why You Don’t Park In Front Of Fire Hydrants

Hey, you rebels out there, thinking you’re just too good for the laws the rest of us live by and decide to park in front of a hydrant. You might want to reconsider because not only could you end up with a destroyed vehicle, but you’re potentially risking lives if firefighters need access to that hydrant. [More]