Guy Complains To Microsoft, Gets Free Windows 7 Party Pack

If Microsoft is serious about getting people to host wild, enthusiastic Windows 7 parties, the company should get potential hosts psyched up the way it did this guy who lives in the Caribbean.

The anonymous blogger sent out an EECB to Microsoft complaining that his territory was ineligible for Windows 7 party packs, and was rewarded with the object of his desire. He writes:

A very courteous email arrived explaining reasons why the Caribbean region was not covered in the promotion. The official line was a mixed bag but was satisfactory although ultimately disappointing. I was not expecting to be graciously offered a USA Party Pack for gratis though! I submitted my delivery details as requested and sure enough today I received a giant box from Microsoft the contents of which you can see in my unboxing pictures below.

The goodies are actually very nice, especially the Windows 7 tote bags, perfect for the Cayman Islands for the beach! Also included were Windows 7 branded napkins, a puzzle pack; the pieces come together to form a wallpaper image from Windows 7. There was also a pack of Windows 7 playing cards, a colour poster and of course the piece de resistance, a FULL copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (Steve Ballmer Signature Edition). What I was not expecting though was the Anytime Upgrade to Ultimate Signature 64 bit edition. A nice bonus!

As they say, ain’t no party like a Microsoft party, cause a Microsoft party don’t stop. If you want in on this action, apply here.

Windows 7 Party Pack Unboxed!

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