Now You Can Crochet Your Own Snuggies At Home

If a Snuggie is just a blanket with sleeves, doesn’t it follow that as the crazed hybrid of a blanket and a sweater, it makes an ideal crochet project? One yarn manufacturer thinks so, and has released a free pattern which, coincidentally, requires at least $21 worth of their cheap acrylic yarn.

You can buy a Snuggie in retail stores (no shipping!) for $15 now.

While we’re guessing that the “Snuggle Up Throw With Sleeves” is extremely cozy, it also looks extremely heavy. It is also likely to survive multiple trips through the dryer better than our tests showed that the original Snuggie did. Maybe we could have spun our leftover Snuggie lint from those tests into yarn to create some Snuggle Up Throws. We’ll need about a mile and a half of yarn.

Crochet Snuggle Up Throw with Sleeves [Coats and Clark] (Thanks, Arlene!)

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