Airline Employees Call Police On Angry CEO Who Chewed Them Out

This story combines two immutable laws of nature in a surprising twist: that executives don’t always know what their front-line employees are doing, and that airline employees don’t give a f*ck who you are and will call the police if you annoy them.

The incident happened at Manchester Airport in England this weekend, when the CEO of budget airline showed up unannounced and saw a 60-minute wait to check in, and a line of about 200 passengers. He gave his employees a good cussin’ for “sitting there doing nothing.” In response, the employees called the police for breaking the airport’s “no threatening the employees” rule.

Apparently the employees’ counterattack didn’t work:

A police spokesperson said Mr Meeson admitted he had been “unprofessional and irate” but had calmed down so no action had been taken against him.

Meeson also noted that he plans to address whatever training issue prevented the employees at Manchester from doing their jobs properly. We have a feeling there’s going to be some turnover there.

“Police called as airline boss berates own staff” [Telegraph] (Thanks to Robert!)

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