Unemployed Man With Metal Detector Finds Priceless Gold Treasure

An unemployed man in England, scouring a farmer’s fields with his metal detector, made a fantastic discovery of gold treasure. No, really, Ancient gold treasure.

The assortment of items is worth at least $1.6 million, and he’ll get to share the proceeds of its sale with the owner of the land. The hoard of over 1,500 pieces may date back to the seventh century, and likely belonged to an Anglo-Saxon ruler. Archaeologists worldwide are nearly wetting themselves with glee.

“People laugh at metal detectorists,” Terry Herbert, 55, who made the find, said Thursday at a news conference at the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, where the objects will go on display on Friday for two weeks. “I’ve had people go past and go, ‘Beep, beep, he’s after pennies.’ Well no, we’re out there to find this kind of stuff, and it is out there.”

Cash4Gold, incidentally, contacted Herbert with an offer of $14.37 for the entire cache.

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(Photo: tlindenbaum)

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