Amazon’s Treasure Truck Is Like An Ice Cream Truck For Paddleboards And Steaks

trucktodayDo you enjoy Amazon’s “Gold Box” deals, but wish that there were less selection and that you didn’t have to wait for shipping? We have great news for you, then, as long as you live in or are visiting Amazon’s hometown of Seattle. The Treasure Truck is prowling the streets, and you can find out what’s on it by using the retailer’s mobile shopping app.

This week, people began noticing the truck around the city. With the words “TREASURE TRUCK” on the front and what looks like a giant brown Amazon package mounted on the back, it’s hard to miss, and people began to post pictures online and ask questions immediately, just as Amazon wanted them to.

The truck begins to actually distribute merchandise on Saturday, but has apparently been driving around Seattle this week as a rolling advertisement. The items for sale each day will be announced on the truck’s social media channels as well as the Amazon shopping app, where customers can place their orders for treasures.

Instead of having the Treasure Truck pull right up to their houses, which would be awesome, it will make pre-determined stops where customers pick up their orders.

Amazon declined to comment when CNET asked whether the Treasure Truck might travel to other cities.

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