Laser-Guided E-Mail Bomb Scores Hit On T-Mobile

Sometimes, the executive e-mail carpet bomb, or EECB, is too blunt an instrument. When Joe had a problem with T-Mobile, he elected to send a LGEB, or laser-guided e-mail bomb, just to CEO Robert Dotson, with great results.

T-Mobile has since abandoned (or at least delayed) their plan to charge customers $1.50 per month for paper bills, but Joe wrote this e-mail at the beginning of September, before customer outcry forced the company to change its mind.

I first became aware of the new paper bill charge that T-Mobile will implement this month while reading the Consumerist. I then got the nifty little flier in my paper bill. I decided that this wasn’t an acceptable policy, so I took action. I ended up making one call into T-Mobile’s customer service. The experience I had calling in was excellent…other than them not being able to help me. After that didn’t work I found Mr. Dotson’s email address on The Consumerist and began crafting my letter. The two subsequent emails are below.

Today…just now…I got a great result! Alley with T-Mobile executive care called me to discuss my letter. She explained that they hadn’t received my original email. (Not sure that I believe this…but I wasn’t going to call her a liar) She also explained that they could not do the two things I asked of them. She did however offer to credit my monthly service fee as a one-time credit. That amount will be $69.99, which equals 46 months at $1.50!!! That’s pretty awesome as far as I’m concerned…and much better than the $20 credit I asked Vic the CSR manager for!

(Photo: Robert Scoble)

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