Will Anyone Buy My 1300 Chinese Pope Hats?

One of the fun side-effects of Craigslist is that the lack of an editorial gatekeeper means it lets the crazy blossom. The newspaper Telegraph has assembled 20 of what they consider the wackiest Craigslist ads, including over 1300 Pope hats (sorry, they’re just replicas), diapers for incontinent dogs, and 300 stuffed penguins. Naturally we assume every one of them is really about sex, but maybe we’re being too jaded about Craigslisters.

Ad #3 actually sounds like a pretty good idea, if you’re into sad drunk clowns:

“We need an Adult Drunk Clown who is good at getting drunk and stupid. No need to do any clown tricks, just hang out and drink a shit load. We will be hopping around to different bars and want a clown to tag a long and drink heavely. He doesn’t even need to socialize with anyone, just drink.”

The ones at Telegraph are mostly just fun, but if their list whets your appetite for Craigslist stupidity, go spend some time on You Suck at Craigslist and marvel at the dimmer side of humanity.

“20 most bizarre Craigslist adverts of all time” [Telegraph]

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