Owner Of Terrifying Clown Motel Getting Out Of The Terrifying Clown Motel Business

Image courtesy of heymrleeg

Unless your subconscious has buried this memory among other real life nightmares, you may recall the story about the creepy Clown Motel in Nevada filled to the brim with leering, smiling painted faces — and located next to a cemetery filled with gold miners who died from the plague who are bound to be grumpy ghosts (when they aren’t hiding from the clowns). Anyway, good news! It’s up for sale.

The man who’s owned it for 22 years is ready to call it quits and focus on things in life that are not clowns, like camping and fishing. He’s putting the property on the market and hopes to sell it for about $900,000, reports KLAS-TV.

It sounds like he’s making out just in time.

“It’s funny you get attached to something,” he told KLAS. “I haven’t gone so far as to start talking to them.”

One condition: Whoever buys the historic site has to keep its heritage. The owner says that means new owners can upgrade it but it has to stay true to itself. Whiiiiiiich probably means the clowns stay.

This is not the end for the man and his inanimate (so far as we know) friends.

“Oh, I’m going to miss the clowns,” he told the news station. “I’m going to come back. I’m going to come back and visit my clowns.”

Meanwhile, this guy will be waiting patiently..

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