Facebook Members Go After Coca-Cola

How long will it take for Coke to give up on its Facebook page? That depends how long its PR machine can keep deleting the “fun facts” on its Wall:

Q: Which one of the Big Three Bottlers still hasn’t labeled the source of its bottled water?
A: Coke!

So I heard Dasani’s sources are being disputed, will anyone clear this up?

Hey Coke! Where’d you get that Dasani?

Same thing goes on the discussion board.

In the few minutes it has taken me to write this post, though, a bunch of comments have been removed from the main Wall, though many can still be seen by selecting posts by “Just Fans,” including the old swastika charm pictured above.

Corporate Accountability International’s “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign is behind the effort to get Coke to identify its water sources…. which is all very well and good, but they could certainly use some better joke writers.

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