GoDaddy Doesn't Outsource Customer Service

Last week, we posted that a popular web hosting company—GoDaddy, although we didn’t name it at the time—provided a strange customer service experience to a commenter. Cyberguy was contacted via phone by someone from their “Office of the President” after emailing them, but then Cyberguy couldn’t get their rep to state clearly which company he was representing. Cyberguy was rightly suspicious. Was GoDaddy outsourcing its own executive customer service?

No, it was not.

We contacted GoDaddy last week to ask for a clarification, and over the weekend they responded with the following explanation:

We appreciate you bringing this matter and the customer’s concerns to our attention. Go Daddy does provide customer support for not only its own customer base but for Go Daddy’s many sister companies as well. One sister company for which Go Daddy does provide customer support for is Wild West Domains, which has many resellers and reseller customers. In order to prevent confusion or frustration, we do keep the answers vauge to not induce conflict with our resellers and their customers.

Please know, Go Daddy does not outsource its Office of the President staff or any other position. This topic has even been addressed by Go Daddy’s CEO, Mr. Bob Parsons, at stating that we do not outsource a single job (article found at link below).

It’s true, Parsons states explicitly on one of his blog posts that he’s not a fan of outsourcing and doesn’t practice it: doesn’t outsource a single job.
Wayne liked the fact that is first and foremost an American company. With one minor exception, GoDaddy develops all of the technology it provides its customers right here in America by Americans. We don’t out-source a single job overseas, and all of our over one thousand customer service representatives are located right here in the USA – all in Arizona, in fact.

So there you have it—GoDaddy doesn’t oursource overseas, and their “Office of the President” is a rather nebulous catch-all group that supports GoDaddy and its other companies and resellers. That explains why Cyberguy couldn’t get the CSR to give him a straight answer.

It doesn’t explain why the CSR wasn’t empowered to provide more help to Cyberguy, but that’s a separate—and sadly, not unique—problem.

“Web Host Outsources Their ‘Office Of The President’?”

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