Trek Bikes Demonstrates How To Handle The Occasional Bad Product

Tony had a lot of problems with the build quality of his new bicycle, so he finally wrote to Trek Bikes and told them all the things going wrong with it. Unlike Comfort Select, which denies manufacturing problems even as it replaces broken units with a less defective version (that you pay for), Trek contacted Tony and treated him like they actually wanted his repeat business.

Here’s his story:

So a few months ago I decided with my workplace being pretty close I was going to commute by bike, and decided to shell out the big bucks (for me anyway) for a quality bike.

The bike I purchased through my bike shop wound up being full of problems. The fretwheel made this grinding noise, the pedals broke, and the top coat of paint mysteriously started dissolving in some spots. My local bike shop did a pretty good job of working out the first two problems but there wasn’t much they could do about the paint.

I went to the Trek website and through the standard web feedback page expressed my feelings about the quality of the product I received. A few weeks later I get an email from an awesome Trek employee named Jason saying that the issues I was having were not the norm for their products and that he would like to get my bike back to Trek for evaluation and replace it with a new one.

One email later to tell him which bike shop I purchased it from and a replacement was there two days later. I was floored to have an issue go from problem to resolution with so little effort. I think that these guys deserve a round of applause.

By the way, the replacement they sent has absolutely no flaws and is a blast to ride.

Nicely done, Trek!

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