Cemetery Issues Rules Of The Road For Bicyclists Who Might Not Realize They’re Being Jerks

Although cemeteries might be an ideal spot for bicyclists seeking long paths and little traffic, one cemetery in Indiana has had to ban bikes from the grounds after a series of incidents. Because for many, having a bicycle racing past while you’re trying to give your loved one a final good-bye isn’t an ideal situation.

Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis is a go-to spot for many cyclists, with its 25 miles of paved roads, winding trails, smooth pavement and hill that boasts the highest title of highest point in the county, notes the Indianapolis Star. But after a serious bicycling accident and disruptions during two graveside burials, the cemetery has decided it needs to lay down some rules for cyclists for the first time.

Those limits include a ban on riding down one side of the cemetery’s big hill, a speed limit and no access to the cemetery on Veterans and Memorial Days.

The cemetery’s president said the purpose of the rules are to respect the privacy of mourners and keep everyone safe.

“We’ve always been welcoming of competitive cyclers and families, as well, and we’d like to keep it that way,” he said. “But after those few incidents, we decided we needed to make people accountable and protect everyone’s liability.”

A serious biking accident in February left a cyclist with a broken collar bone and a concussion after she crashed at the bottom of the hill. Two other incidents found pairs of cyclists riding between parked cars lining the narrow roads during graveside ceremonies.

“I was there both times, and it was unbelievable to me,” the president said. “I was absolutely astounded and humiliated.”

The cemetery worked with a local biking group to come up with a compromise, with the cycling organization’s president stressing that it would be a shame for all cyclists if a few reckless people ruined it for everyone.

“We thought it was lack of education and was something we could correct,” he said. “Some of these bicyclists don’t know they’re being jerks and we thought we could address that.”

In addition to closing the park on Veterans and Memorial day, rules for people who don’t know they’re being jerks also include limits on groups of cyclists (only four people at a time); avoiding memorial services or grieving families; turning aside when coming into contact with funerals; a speed limit of 24 mph and a ban on racing other cyclists.

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