Hey, look! Comcast has their very own blog! It features mostly regular company news about Comcast services and the adventures of employees and executives, but at least it allows comments. Even Consumerist favorite Frank Eliason, Director of Digital Care (aka @comcastcares on Twitter) has joined in the fun.


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  1. rockstarjoe says:

    They have a heavy hand when it comes to censoring comments though. Here is what happened when I tried to comment on the “SmartZone” post asking for suggestions:

    “Hey Joe,

    We won’t be posting your comment, “I would love it if you added a bandwidth meter to our homepage on Comcast.net (for cable internet subscribers). This was promised in January, what happened to it?” on the SmartZone post because it is off topic (see our blog rules here: [www.comcastvoices.com]).

    That being said, I thought I would answer your question. We are still working on the bandwidth meter and we don’t have a firm launch date as of yet. The main focus, at the moment, is making sure it doesn’t have any bugs that might lead to incorrect bandwidth usage reports.


    Still, I appreciate the fact that they gave me a (vague) answer.

  2. Scott McNulty says:

    Scott McNulty here, the chief blogger at Comcast (who knew Comcast would ever have a chief blogger?) and the guy who sent Joe that email (with the vague answer).

    First, I’m glad you guys seem to like our blog. We’re open to any and all ideas folks might have to improve it.

    Joe, we do moderate comments and as I said your comment was off topic. However, if had left it on a post where it would have been topical (like this post: [www.comcastvoices.com]) it would have been published.

    Hope that clears that up a little. We just want to make sure our comments stay on topic and civil (though your comment was more than polite so that wasn’t an issue here).