Download This Free Game If You Never Want To Get Anything Done Again

If you’re lacking for addictions in your life, you may as well download the free new PC game, Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition.

For the uninitiated, Peggle is a hybrid of pinball and Plinko from The Price is Right, and one of the most enthralling games I’ve played in my life. The oddly compelling mixture of skill and luck has you plunk a ball into a grid of pegs, wiping out each one it hits as it bounces toward the bottom of the screen.

GameSpot was one of the gaming sites that flagged down the freebee:

Cocreated with Blizzard Entertainment, the new stand-alone game boasts 10 franchise-themed levels with backgrounds sketched by Blizzard artists. Players can follow Peggle protagonists Bjorn the Unicorn and Splork as they confront Azeroth’s most infamous inhabitants. Many of the edition’s challenges and scenes have WOW-themed names, such as “Pwnxia,” “Phat Lewtz,” and “The Traitor King.”

I don’t think I’ll be partaking, only because versions of Peggle already suck all my time away on the Xbox 360 and DS. If I had allowed Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition onto my laptop, odds are I wouldn’t have gotten around to tapping out this post for another several weeks.

Peggle World of Warcraft Edition hits Azeroth [GameSpot]

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