Even Politicians Spend The Day Rage-Tweeting About Comcast

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Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has rarely been shy about sharing his political opinions, but this week the two-time presidential candidate laser-focused his ire at a favorite target for millions of Americans, regardless of their party affiliation: Comcast.

It seems Huckabee was having some problems yesterday getting Comcast techs to show up for a scheduled service appointment. And so he did what millions of other folks do when they get annoyed: Tweet about it.

Huckabee began with a timely zinger: “Is @comcast the United AL version of cable/internet/phone?,” he Tweeted. “Has anyone else had DEPLORABLE dealings with @comcast? #tincans&string”

From there, he escalated up the chain, comparing Comcast unfavorably not only to North Korea and the Mafia, but also to two of his most frequent targets of derision, the federal government and former President Obama.

The Tweets are unthreaded but start here and read, in order:

The Obama tweet finally got the attention of Comcast’s Twitter account, @ComcastCares, which replied that it would be happy to help if Huckabee could DM his details.

Apparently, he did, because about five hours after his irritated Tweetstorm, Huckabee took to Twitter once more to thank Comcast for resolving the problem — but not without one last dig.

“They made appt 3 wks ago and didn’t show and didn’t care… until the “Twit” hit the fan!,” Huckabee noted.

[via The Huffington Post]

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