WSJ: Jackson Collectibles Are A Poor Investment

First, let me say that I am furious that I ate my Cheetos from my collectible Cheeto experiment a while back, because Chuck Jaffe at the Wall Street Journal says one with an MJ likeness just sold for $35 on eBay. What that really underscores, though, is the only surefire way to make any money on Jackson memorabilia is to be the one selling the crap to unwise shoppers.

In the clip below, Jaffe notes, “You’re seeing Michael Jackson memorabilia being sold as if it had some sort of collectible value or investment value,” when in reality the only value it has is whatever emotional power you attach to it. Take the Thriller album, for example: they’re so common that he points out you can probably find a copy or two at a local thrift store or even the dump. To hell with Cheetos—I’m off to the Salvation Army down the block to see what I can resell.

“Michael Jackson Memorabilia Not So Thrilling” [Wall Street Journal]

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