The seller says he's forbidden from actually handing the car over until after Breaking Bad ends later this year.

Bust Open The Piggy Bank To Buy Jesse Pinkman’s Car From Breaking Bad

If the Rocky II house was too pricy for you but you still want to own a rad piece of bona fide entertainment memorabilia, a used car lot in Albuquerque is taking offers on a 1984 Toyota Tercel wagon — complete with driver’s side windshield wiper — that it claims was used as Jesse Pinkman’s car on soon-to-end AMC hit Breaking Bad. Now everyone in town will know you’re a top-notch meth cook, just like you always dreamed. [via] [More]

Plane That Landed In Hudson Last Year Up For Auction

Plane That Landed In Hudson Last Year Up For Auction

I’m not sure what you could do with an extensively water-damaged plane with the wings detached, but if you want to own a piece of aviation history you can now bid on US Airways Flight 1549. The plane that Capt. Sully safely landed in the Hudson river a year ago is being auctioned off “AS IS/WHERE IS,” which happens to be at a salvage yard in New Jersey. CNN says the engines are not included. (The detached wings, however, are.) [More]

WSJ: Jackson Collectibles Are A Poor Investment

WSJ: Jackson Collectibles Are A Poor Investment

First, let me say that I am furious that I ate my Cheetos from my collectible Cheeto experiment a while back, because Chuck Jaffe at the Wall Street Journal says one with an MJ likeness just sold for $35 on eBay. What that really underscores, though, is the only surefire way to make any money on Jackson memorabilia is to be the one selling the crap to unwise shoppers.