Grocery Store Just Can't Stop Selling Expired Yogurt

Esther doesn’t want much. She just wants to buy some yogurt that hasn’t expired. It seems that’s too much to ask of her local Safeway near Baltimore.

When she contacted Consumerist a few weeks ago, I urged her to get in touch with local news media and perhaps some Safeway executives. She did, resulting in government inspections and a Baltimore Sun story. So how did things turn out? Is Safeway taking it very seriously?

Um, no. Esther wrote to us last night:

We’ll see how long it takes…on Monday I stopped in and the inspector was back at the store…and EVERY yogurt I saw was expired. Obviously the first warning didn’t affect them lol..I miss eating yogurt:)

Keep fighting the good fight.

Carney Safeway selling expired dairy products: Naughty Business of the Week [Baltimore Sun]

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