Memphis Burger Kings: Global Warming Is Baloney

At least three Burger Kings in Memphis have recently displayed “GLOBAL WARMING IS BALONEY” on their letter boards, according to the Memphis Flyer and a reader.

Our reader says he saw the sign in the Memphis suburbs, while the Flyer has pictures of two Burger Kings in downtown Memphis, as well as the transcript of a conversation with one store’s manager, where he claims that the signs were not a mistake and reflected the views of Burger King international.

We talked to Burger King corporate, and not so much:

This statement does not reflect a Burger King Corp. (BKC) opinion or view. The two restaurants where these signs appeared are independently owned and operated and were not authorized to display this statement. The signs have since been removed.

We also asked if this was some sort of odd promotion: maybe Burger King is offering a flamebroiled bologna sandwich soon? They said they didn’t think so.

We assumed this was an issue with a rogue franchisee, but hearing about it in a few stores made us want to make sure. Memphis readers, have you seen any signs like this around lately? Are they still up?

Burger King Calls Global Warming “Baloney” [Memphis Flyer]
(Photo: Memphis Flyer) Thanks to Garth!

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