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Google, GE, Apple, Dozens Of Other Companies Denounce Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

The biggest news of the week, so far, has been President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the landmark Paris Agreement. And while politicians’ support or condemnation of the withdrawal is predictably split along party lines, one surprising consensus has emerged: The business world, including the corporations that run basically everything, really wish we would stay in. [More]

Chris Wilson

6 Things Consumers Should Know About The White House’s Proposed ‘Skinny’ Budget

The Trump White House has released its first big-picture public proposal on federal spending for 2018. This initial pass — the so-called “skinny” budget — is basically an outline that doesn’t get into the finer details. However, the changes that are described in the document are nonetheless wide-sweeping, recommending significant cuts or culling of a number of programs you may currently take for granted. [More]


Warm Winters Mean Bad Maple Syrup Harvests

If you live in the northeastern United States, you’ve probably noticed that temperatures are warmer than usual for this time of year. While that’s great news for most people, it’s terrible news for maple syrup producers, who are coping with low sap production and cloudy syrup. [More]

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From Apple To Walmart, Over A Dozen Of The Biggest Businesses In The U.S. Sign On To White House Climate Pledge

A huge number of the world’s nations are coming together in Paris this December to negotiate an agreement to stem emissions and forestall further climate change. Ahead of this winter’s United Nations talks, however, some well-known names here at home are pledging their own contributions to the cause. [More]

Stealing Five Tons Of Glacier Ice Isn't Going To Help The Planet Or Make Your Cocktails Better

Global warming is already a dangerous enemy of glaciers, and now those ice behemoths have another, even more direct human adversary. A man in Chile was arrested on suspicion of stealing about 5.5 tons of ice from a glacier so he could make fancy ice cubs for cocktails at bars and restaurants. [More]

Study: Airplane Contrails Cause More Climate Change Than Carbon Emissions

Study: Airplane Contrails Cause More Climate Change Than Carbon Emissions

A new study contends airplanes leave behind water vapor skywriting that yields frightening messages about the effects flights have on the environment. [More]

Memphis Burger Kings: Global Warming Is Baloney

Memphis Burger Kings: Global Warming Is Baloney

At least three Burger Kings in Memphis have recently displayed “GLOBAL WARMING IS BALONEY” on their letter boards, according to the Memphis Flyer and a reader.

Yes Men Solve the Climate Crisis: Soylent Green

Yes Men Solve the Climate Crisis: Soylent Green

At the Gas and Oil Exposition in Calgary this week, Exxon Mobil executive Florian Osenberg told a rapt audience that the ongoing climate change crisis is no big deal because the dead people can provide “more feedstock.”