Massachusetts Fast Food Chains Must Now Display Calorie Counts

Massachusetts has approved a new regulation to list calorie counts at fast food eateries and other chain restaurants throughout the state.

Now that more than half the adults in Massachusetts are overweight, its Public Health Council is following in the steps of California and NYC to hammer home the message that fast, easy food = fast, easy weight gain. As of November 2010, close to 6,000 restaurants statewide will have to post calorie counts next to every single item on their menu. And, since 65% of fast food is bought at the drive-thru, calories must be listed there too.

It’s good news for the consumer who really does want to know how many calories are in a McFlurry, but it’s bad news for those franchisees who have to foot the bill for the redesigned menus. According to Jim Coen, president of the Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners, it can cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to create the new signage required by these types of laws.

Health council OKs calorie count posting rules [Boston Herald]

(Photo: woodleywonderworks)

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